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Chow Life Public Documents

Here you will find all the publicly acessable documents for Chow Life.

You may download the file by clicking the file name or using the download button. Clicking the View button will open the file in a pop up window for viewing. 

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Some of us are taking the “sport of dogs” way too seriously, and I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes I’m guilty, too. I confess that I seldom wear a smile on my face while I’m competing. Most of the time, I’m either too nervous or too intent on showing my dog(s) to best advantage to remember that a sport is “a physical activity engaged in for pleasure.” I’ve had my fill of hearing that “the judge was looking at the wrong end of the leash,” seeing obedience dogs perform mechanically with tails tucked, and viewing the suppressed anger of handlers who’s runs have gone horribly awry and I don’t want to be remembered that way. I’ve made a conscious effort to behave better.
I like to rub his head; he likes that. Mr. Gray is referring to Stormy, a two year old Chow who is visiting him at the Northside Health Care Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mr. Robert Gray, who wanted to have his real name used, has been wheelchair bound for the past 34 years as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident. A resident of Northside for the past 4 years, he looks forward to the monthly visits by the three therapy dogs. I think it's great; I enjoy it every time they come.
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Homes with small children are, in most cases, child proofed . This means the parents have placed hazardous objects and substances out of reach or locked them away to keep the children from injuring themselves. But how many homes have taken the same type of precautions when it comes to their pets?
ANATOMY AND THE CHOW was written more than 50 years ago, yet it is surprisingly accurate today. It is my hope that you will read it with a copy of your current Chow Chow standard in hand…for comparison purposes. Pictured is English Champion Ts’ai Ting of Kin-Shan, born February 1947; included here as an example of one of the top winningChows around the time ofMs. Joshua’s writing. Until 1954 this Chow held the postwar record of 24 Challenge Certificates. (thank you Paul Odenkirchen for loaning us the photo)
Many years had passed since there were youngsters in our household and I had fallen into a comfortable pattern of enjoying the old guys sleeping at my feet dreaming of the glory days of obedience trials. Now the house was alive with two energetic youngsters, the only problem was I had matured a bit and didn't have the energy of the glory years, but I longed to get back into the performance end of Chows.
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